Cartuja Center Cite Theater





Development of engineering and installation of audiovisual systems and cabling infrastructure for a multipurpose theater.


AREACAD has been the chosen company for the implementation of the Constellation virtual acoustics system and the entire signal cabling infrastructure at the Cartuja Center Cite Theater in Seville, located on the Isla de La Cartuja. In the first phase, we collaborated with SGAE’s Engineering Department for the execution of all the planning and detailed engineering for 4 months, and then proceeded with the on-site project implementation, which extended for another 12 months.

This new system, designed by the American company Meyer Sound, represents an extraordinary advancement in acoustic science. It provides an effective solution to the complex challenge of achieving optimal and flexible acoustics without being dependent on the venue’s architectural design. The combination of the brand’s patented advanced digital processing algorithm and miniature transducer technology, resulting from decades of research, offers a flexibility that is impossible to achieve with traditional mechanical methods commonly used to alter a venue’s acoustics, such as movable walls, curtains, acoustic shells, or secondary chambers. Once the system is finely tuned, a simple press of a button will instantly change the acoustic properties of the room, adapting them to the specific event being held.

The installed system consists of 250 self-amplified speakers and 70 analysis microphones, precisely located on the walls and the room and stage diffusers. The entire signal management and processing is handled by the D-Mitri system designed by the brand, and it is housed in two machine rooms equipped with five dedicated racks.

It’s worth highlighting some of the architectural features of the project. The theater has a main hall with over 2600 seats, which can be mechanically configured in the orchestra section, along with a large central control room for audio, video, and lighting. For smaller events, there is a multipurpose room with its own control system for over 200 seats. There’s also a rehearsal room large enough for a symphony orchestra, also equipped with its own control setup for possible recordings. In addition, there is a post-production area consisting of a spacious machine room, a sound recording studio with a control room, two video editing studios, and a graphics room. All these areas and many more, including offices, dressing rooms, and countless other locations, have been interconnected with various types of connections to enable the transmission of audio signals, HD video, sync signals, DMX, Triax, Ethernet, and intercom to any point throughout the complex. This infrastructure allows the connection of any control room in the theater with over 400 junction boxes distributed throughout it, making it easier for operations technicians to set up any production.

The Teatro Cartuja Center Cite in Seville is conceived as a unique architectural and technological landmark in our country, with the capacity to host large-scale theatrical and musical events.


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