The tools you use directly
eflect the type of company you have.
Fondo corporativo

Our clients, suppliers, or collaborators notice every detail that happens in our business. What do you think they think when they see you through a video conference with more members of your team, using a webcam and your laptop’s microphone?

Businesses are built on trust, and to generate it, it is essential that our image is professional. Furthermore, providing professional tools to your team will directly impact the image they have of the company they represent, undoubtedly increasing results.


Sala de Videoconferencias inteligente

Today, more than ever, companies conduct more meetings online than in person.

Years ago, entrepreneurs spent thousands of euros on furnishing and decorating their offices to showcase the type of company they had..

If, at this moment, your team gathers around a laptop for a meeting with a client or supplier, the image you are portraying of your company is anything but professional.

El The cost of a professionally equipped video conferencing meeting room is no longer what it was a few years ago, but the quality and ease of use it offers are infinitely better. A well-equipped audiovisual and acoustically designed meeting room is essentia for any company that wants to project a professional image to the outside world today.

Sala de formación inteligente

Large companies understand that a significant part of their growth is driven by the training of their teams, and for this, training is essential.

Training with well-adapted spaces to share high-quality audiovisual documentation is fundamental for optimal learning.

If, in addition to conducting quality in-person training, we can do it online or in a hybrid fashion, the financial and time expenses related to staff travel can be significantly reduced or even eliminated altogether.

Auditorios corporativos inteligentes

Many of our clients have already chosen to have a a space with a certain seating capacity to conduct corporate events, training sessions, or conventions on their premises.

his allows them to promote their brand image within the corporation and among their employees, as well as to gain significant media exposure within their industry and with their clients.

To create an auditorium that achieves these objectives, it is essential to have a qualified team for its design and execution,, starting from the initial concept of the space, through civil construction, to the final commissioning of all systems.

Moreover, many clients rent these spaces to third-party companies recouping the investment in the space rin a short period and earning substantial profits in the following years .

Digital Signage

Projecting a company’s brand image to the outside with quality is essential for building trust with your customers.

Investing in dynamic digital signage unlike conventional advertising, allows us to tailor the messages we want to convey at specific moments in the business—based on the time of day, the season, or limited-time promotions.

If your business has good visibility from the outside, it’s a significant mistake not to grab the attention of potential customers, influencing them to know you’re there, come in, make a purchase, or simply talk about you.

Depending on the type of business (gyms, sports centers, restaurants, etc.), these systems will allow you to rent space for other companies to advertise in your facilities providing you with attractive passive income month after month.

Acondicionamiento acústico de una sala de videoconferencias

Addressing soundproofing to prevent sound generated inside a room from escaping or external sound from entering affecting our work is not just a requirement for a sound studio but for any workspace or meeting room in an office.

Acoustically treating a room to ensure the sound response generated inside is optimal is fundamental. How many times have you been in a lovely restaurant with fantastic food but wouldn’t return due to the headache you left with?

The same situation occurs in many meeting rooms and workspaces, and it’s crucial to have the necessary expertise to acoustically treat these spaces, providing more comfort for our clients and employees. This will undoubtedly result in increased revenue and team productivity.

Mantenimiento de sistemas audiovisuales corporativos

Can you imagine giving your team computers or operating systems from 10 years ago to do their work?

Likely, linformation technology is one of the fastest-evolving technologies out there. Similar to computer systems, eit’s crucial to keep all the elements in an audiovisual system up-to-date in terms of software, to ensure compatibility with user devices.

Regularly reviewing the hardware components is also important, not just when something stops working, because users often create minor issues in the rooms without reporting them, which can lead to rooms being unused or non-operational when needed..

A preventive maintenance program ensures that the rooms are always in optimal condition for use. With corrective maintenance, we can resolve any issues within a set minimum time to ensure that the room is out of operation for the shortest possible time.


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