Smart post-production center, offices, and data center.





Consulting and design of a new post-production center, fully automated and secured.


Plano a Plano is one of the most important independent audiovisual production companies in the country. Specialized in fiction, entertainment, and digital content, it has a team of great professionals that has led the company to significant growth in recent years. Due to this substantial expansion, the company decided to establish a new audiovisual production center in the town of San Sebastián de los Reyes, with the capacity to accommodate the large number of productions they undertake.

During the design of the new center, the company decided to enlist the consulting services of Areacad, both for defining the facilities and acoustic solutions, as well as for supervising their implementation. During this design phase, the benefits of conceiving the project as a Smart Building were presented to the property, both in terms of workspace and technical areas, including the data center. The result is a fully intelligent production center spanning over 3000 square meters, where absolutely everything operates automatically. Lighting, HVAC, consumption control, presence detection, security, video surveillance, access control, and more are some of the functionalities that the building manages intelligently. This allows facility administrators to have total control over the entire building, with immediate alerts for any issues, intrusions, or supply interruptions. It’s worth noting that Plano a Plano has an intelligent data center (CPD) monitored 24/7 based on the Loxone system, which controls absolutely everything that happens in this secure room. It immediately notifies IT managers in the event of an incident. In buildings of this size, where hundreds of people work, automation becomes a real necessity because otherwise, it’s practically impossible to control everything that happens, even with high maintenance personnel costs.. For access control, a high-security system from Nüo has been integrated,allowing the management of up to 2000 users with high-security cards and biometrics. When integrated with the Loxone building control system and video surveillance, it enables remote control of doors and personnel flow, offering capabilities that few systems can provide. Thanks to Plano a Plano and its management team for trusting Areacad to automate their facilities


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