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If you are a professional in the audiovisual industry, having a specialized partner in engineering and installations to carry out your projects is a guarantee of success. Often, audiovisual integrations involve other trades such as construction, electricity, or HVAC to make them viable.

Investing in professional guidance with experience in all these elements is not an expense but an investment.


Consultoría en broadcast media y AV profesional

There is a significant difference between selling audiovisual equipment and audiovisual integration. When the goal is to build a specific technical area for recording, shooting, or post-production, it’s crucial that all installations within that space align with the intended purpose. This aspect of a project is not always given the importance it deserves, often because it’s assumed that the technicians who will operate the system are qualified to oversee such an implementation.

At Areacad, for over 15 years, we have been emphasizing this misconception within the industry. The response from all clients who engage us as consultants is consistent: “Consulting is not an expense but a clear investment that will result in economic savings and time efficiency for project execution. Additionally, it ensures that the integration outcome guarantees production quality over many years of system operation.”

Estudio de televisión

Nowadays, production tools are more powerful, more accessible, and offer the possibility to optimize human resources in any production.

A well-defined production control, designed ergonomically to be operated even by a single person, is essential to optimize costs while maintaining a final product of professional quality.l.

Plató de TV

New technologies for creating current and dynamic programs are becoming more accessible. Using the well-known chroma key or new high-definition LED screens, a small television studio can be amortized with a simple change of furniture, lighting, and content in the background.

These techniques, used by both major broadcasters and small internet broadcasting channels, allow for high-quality results by making the most of available resources.

Sala de rack para soluciones de broadcast media y AV profesional

The centralization of equipment in rack rooms is an added quality and peace of mind for our clients. The goal is to achieve quiet working rooms for operators and clients, without background fan noise and without unauthorized access to workstation content.

For large content platforms that operate globally today, it is essential that all equipment be centralized in the same room, monitored, and secured, simplifying maintenance and secure contro of all content.

Access control, video surveillance, monitoring of overheating, fire, and water leakage from air conditioning equipment are some of the multiple variables that come into play in a data center, easily controllable with an automation system with immediate alerts to mobile devices.

Sala de producciones de audio, grabación y doblaje inteligentes

Every detail matters: from defining the most appropriate DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) for the client’s work, to sizing the channels of the system, to the type of visualization system,, air conditioning, or lighting to be used.

Each element well defined during the overall design of the studio will determine the results it will produce throughout its life, at all levels. Good foundations during the design and construction of the studio are not an expense but a necessary and essential investment.

Sala de postproducción de video

Nowadays, it is necessary to quickly and agilely reate new spaces for video editing, post-production, or color correction. Given the tight deadlines in today’s productions, it is essential to have a clear understanding from the beginning of what is worth investing in when creating these spaces.

Soundproofing between rooms, work lighting,cleanliness, air conditioning and air renewal, types of viewing, access control, and content security are elements that must be well defined before starting to build a post-production area, allowing them to be constructed within the defined timeframe, containing the budget while achieving optimal results when they are put into operation.

Insonorización de las instalaciones de broadcast

A fundamental aspect of any audiovisual workspace is its acoustic behavior.

Addressing soundproofing to prevent sound generated within a room from escaping or external sounds from entering and affecting work is not only a requirement for a sound studiobut also for any workspace or meeting room in an office. You may invest in the best audiovisual equipment available, but if the room’s acoustics are not ideal, it will be impossible to fully leverage that equipment. That’s why it’s crucial to consider all aspects of the project together, making the necessary and specific investments in each area.

Sistemas de broadcast y AV para teatros y grandes auditorios

If there is a true technical and construction challenge, undoubtedly a theater. In large audiovisual spaces, many technical and architectural disciplines converge, and each of them directly affects the space’s response and operation during an event.

Architecture, acoustics, furniture, evacuation, sound, lighting… a great result can only be achieved if the right steps are taken during the project definition and construction.

Audiovisual consulting is essential in the conception and execution of any concert hall, auditorium, lecture hall, conference room, or theater.

Soporte para los sistemas de broadcast y AV profesional

Support and Maintenance: When dealing with a professional audiovisual project, it is essential that the design and execution are well-planned to ensure that the result, once construction is completed, is optimal. However, it’s equally important to maintain the installations in the best condition throughout their lifespan to achieve maximum results and productivity.

Corrective maintenance is necessary to resolve any issues, but preventive maintenance is just as important. This allows us to always know the status of all systems, enabling us to anticipate the majority of incidents and reducing the need for corrective actions.

Furthermore, due to the rapid pace of technological advancements today, it is highly recommended to regularly assess areas where updates can be made to your installation and implement them as needed. Failing to do so may result in your installation becoming completely obsolete within a certain period, requiring a complete overhaul and a significant investment all at once.


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