Your Home, Your Most Precious Asset.
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Arguably, the most significant investment of our lives is our home, followed closely by all the money we’ll spend on energy and services to enjoy it for many years.

Imagine enjoying maximum security and absolute comfort in your home for a lifetime while saving money month after month without having to worry about it Home automation can offer you this and much more, an incredibly profitable long-term investment that you can enjoy with your family at any moment, whether you are at home or not.


Smart Home - Seguridad

Is there anything that concerns you more than security in your home?

During the night, while everyone is asleep, the Smart Home monitors that everything is functioning correctly. It checks if someone is trying to enter your home without authorization, detects water leaks, fire outbreaks, and more. In the event of any unexpected event or incident, the house reacts to alert the people inside.

The interesting thing is that these functions are performed using components already installed in your home. Lighting, blinds, switches, sound systems, and more all work together to warn of any incidents, both inside and outside your home.

Smart Home climatizada

When climate control is automatic, the house takes care of providing the right temperature in each area at every moment of the day. You will no longer have to adjust the settings or worry about air quality or humidity.

The Smart Home efficiently manages this by zones in a way that would be impossible to achieve manually or with conventional thermostats.

Furthermore, you can link the photovoltaic installation with climate control to make the most of surplus production for cooling or heating your home, increasing comfort while saving money.

Smart Home - eficiencia energetica

For an ideal management of the energy your home consumes, it is necessary to connect as many systems as possible to the available energy sources.

The goal is simple: be as comfortable as possible in your home while spending as little as possible.

There are many circumstances in the daily life of a conventional home that prevent these two things from happening, let alone at the same time. How many times in the summer have you left home early, only to realize when you return in the afternoon that you forgot to lower the blinds, and you needed the air conditioning at full blast for two hours to cool down all the rooms? In your new Smart Home, this will never happen again.

Sombreado inteligente en Smart Home

Automation of blinds and other solar protection elements such as awnings, venetian blinds, or curtains will be key in your new Smart Home.

These systems provide automatic shading that contributes to energy efficiency and comfort in the home, shading in the summer and opening in the winter to harness solar energy, all completely automatically.

Moreover, they provide an added layer of security by opening during a break-in to expose intruders from the outside, while activating audio and lighting systems. They can also move automatically to simulate presence when you’re away, working, or on vacation. Your blinds will become part of multiple functionalities in the house.

Control de privacidad en smart homes

At nightfall, the blinds, awnings, or other solar protection elements will lower to make you and your family feel more comfortable inside the house without being seen from the outside.

You can also automate other more exclusive systems, such as smart opacifiable glass, hiding certain areas of the house to ensure privacy between rooms within the home while allowing in the maximum amount of light.

Lighting will also provide an added level of privacy, as you can adjust the brightness levels of each room independently, defining what you want to be visible from the outside.

Smart Home iluminada

Smart lighting will provide your Smart Home with the right light at the right time and place.

Lights can be automatically activated if the natural light in the room is insufficient. You can adjust the brightness of the lighting according to your preference for each time of day or night. Lighting has a significant impact on the comfort and well-being of people. By combining different types of lighting, you can create suitable atmospheres for each area of your home and time of day, using virtually any type of luminaire.

Lighting can also provide you with other functionalities, from alert notifications to simulating presence when you’re away from home, and even acting as a wake-up element in designated areas.

Persona controlando los accesos a su smart home

Can you imagine having real-time control over who’s at your door, no matter where you are, from your smartphone, tablet, or PC?

You will have easy and secure control over access to your home, manage users effortlessly through your app,, assign access permissions to others during the time frames you specify, and check and communicate with whoever is at your door from both inside and outside your home, opening the door if you wish.

Regardless of the number of users and the number or type of doors your home has, everything will be recorded so that you can check at any time who rang your doorbell.

Audio multiroom en smart home

The more intelligent your home is, the more it will interact with you.The Multiroom Audio system is another component in the functions of your Smart Home, such as the alarm system, alarm clock, doorbell, or central notification system for any events that occur.

Apart from all this, it allows you to enjoy your favorite music, regardless of the room you are in and whether someone else is listening to different content in another area of the house.

In your Smart Home, you don’t need to have different devices in each room: music plays through the house’s speakers.

Infinite content: internet radio from anywhere in the world, your favorite music stored locally in the system, or via Spotify or Airplay from your mobile device. Listen to the content you want independently in each area of the house, and when you feel like it, turn it all into a single zone. Organize parties or move around your entire house listening to your favorite music, with professional-quality audio.

Accesibilidad en las viviendas inteligentes

Your new Smart Home can make life easier for you or your family members if any of you require assistance in your daily life.

Motorized doors, fall detection, emergency call buttons and wristbands, medication reminders, remote access for emergency services, detection of atypical changes in people’s usual behavior, and more are some of the features that a Smart Home can provide to improve the quality of life for the home’s residents.

You may not need any of these features today, but automation is scalable, and you can implement them in the future when needed.

Modos de operación del sistema de smart home

Your Smart Home will adapt to you depending on the time of day.

To make all this easier, you will have several operation modes that, when activated, will affect all the home’s functionalities, so it behaves as you want it to.

Day mode, away mode, night mode,, vacation mode, party mode; they will directly affect the lighting, climate, alarms, access, blinds, or any element connected o home automation, so it adapts to your lifestyle and that of your family with just one click.

Electrodomésticos conectados en la Smart Home

The integration of appliances into the automation of your Smart Home is an additional benefit for comfort and savings in your daily life.

With integrated Home Connect technology in your home, you can check the status of your appliances and control them from inside and outside your home. Did you leave the refrigerator open, or has the oven or washing machine finished its cycle? Your home will notify you through the audio system. Do you want to turn on the oven on your way home to preheat it, so it’s ready for dinner when you arrive? Do you want the dishwasher, washing machine, or dryer to start only when there’s excess solar power available? Do you want your coffee maker to prepare coffee 10 minutes after your alarm goes off?…

These are just a few of the functionalities that integrating appliances will bring to your daily life from now on.

Riego automatizado en smart home

How many times have you seen an automated garden irrigation system running while it was raining?

Smart irrigation works automatically and only activates when necessary and more efficient.

The Smart Home takes into account the soil’s humidity level and weather forecasts to avoid unnecessary irrigation, only activating it when there hasn’t been enough rain or rain isn’t expected.

This way, optimal use of resources is achieved, saving water and energy, while your garden receives the right amount of water to stay in the best possible condition.

Piscina y Sauna automatizadas

From now on, you’ll spend much less time on pool maintenance, always having it ready without much effort.

Tasks like regulating pH, filtration, refilling, rinsing, and more are done automatically. The Smart Home takes care of everything, freeing you from these manual tasks.

You can remotely control the pool cover using sensors or schedules, control the lighting, water temperature, counter-current function, and more—from home, from the pool’s edge with pushbuttons, or from anywhere else through the app.

If you have a sauna, you can control it remotely, set up parental controls, manage the lighting, temperature, and audio. Integrating sauna control offers new advantages, especially for activating it from outside and enjoying it to the fullest when you arrive home.

Mantenimiento y post venta para smart home

You’re already enjoying your Smart Home in all aspects, but your home is an investment that you’ll enjoy for many years. During that time, things will happen: your family may grow or shrink, personal needs may change, or your habits and interests may change over time. Can you imagine traveling for a lifetime in the first car you had or still using your first mobile phone? Life progresses, and even if it’s not necessary, if you wish, you can adapt your home to all these changes.

To help and guide you, our team will always be at your disposal. There are multiple new features that appear in the market every year, and at Areacad, we test them and want to share them with you so you can assess whether you want to keep adding even more security, comfort, and savings to your home every day.

Just for having trusted us to improve your life and that of your family, you will become part of the AREACAD COMMUNITY, where you can enjoy for life and for FREE a series of exclusive benefits to keep your Smart Home updatedand stay informed about the latest innovations to further improve your home. In addition, you will have access to contract one of the different AREACAD SUPPORT packs, where you can enjoy personalized after-sales service with response times tailored to your needs.


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