Vision defines the path

Engineering for audiovisual, smart building and smart home projects.

Areacad was founded in 2008, with the idea of creating something different from what any engineering company was offering in the audiovisual market in Spain at that time. From the very beginning, our goal was always to bring something unique to this highly specialized and relatively small sector. It seemed that only large integrators had a place, and the small and medium-sized clients were not as important as the big broadcasters and production companies.

With the aim of constantly adding value to the sector, we started working for those underserved small and medium-sized clients, listening to them and creating formulas to make their projects viable. We relied on our experience in managing large projects gained over many years in other companies. As time went on, many of these small clients began to grow, and so did we. This led us to be involved in large projects today, competing with confidence at the highest level of audiovisual engineering and installation in Spain.

Soon, we realized we couldn’t stop there. We knew that many times an audiovisual project involves much more than plans, equipment, and wiring. That’s why we started helping our clients by offering advice and comprehensive solutions for everything an audiovisual project needs, from the architectural aspect to civil engineering and acoustic engineering, even reaching the legalization of their projects Partnerships with leading companies in other sectors that align with our values have allowed us to offer clients something that didn’t exist in our sector: the peace of mind that a specialized company will take 100% care of their project and everything surrounding it, offering global consultancy and project management at the highest level.

In 2014, leveraging our extensive experience in control systems for large projects such as theaters or meeting rooms, we decided to open a new line of business focused on a rapidly growing sector: building and home automation.

It was a gamble at the time that we are truly proud of, and it led us in 2021 to make the decision to build the largest and most powerful home automation showroom in Spain to date. The purpose is to allow our clients to personally experience what true automation can mean for their office, business, or home.

Today, our company conducts its daily activities in this showroom. That’s why we can say with absolute confidence that we know what we’re talking about.

For this reason, I always say that VISION DEFINES THE PATH, and this is in a nutshell the path that Areacad has followed, created with a vision that we set as our goal in 2008: “To be the best possible option for any project proposed to us.”

Picture of Arturo Sanz Santos

Arturo Sanz Santos

CEO Areacad Ingeniería Audiovisual, S.L.


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